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"Evolutionary Art exploits the process of evolution to create an artwork which continually changes according to an evolutionary algorithm."
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All fractal images are designed with Pyres genetic algorithm and rendered with flam3, unless differently specified.
Pyres0.3a is created by Giovanni Caria, Flam3 is created by Scott Draves.
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What is FightAIDS@Home?

Fight AIDS at Home "What is FightAIDS@Home?"
FightAIDS@Home is the first biomedical distributed computing project ever launched. It is
run by the Olson Laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, and uses your computer to assist fundamental research to discover new drugs, using our growing knowledge of the structural biology of AIDS.
How to join FightAIDSatHomeFightAIDS@Home

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Poli Park

"G. Design Production" presents: "Poli Park", an amazing trip through a mad, decadent, morbid, stupid, sick, alienated humanity!
Let's get to know "Don Diego De La Vega", "ViruZ MaN", "Alien from Plebanus", "Very little John", "Plumpy T-chan" and "The Majestic Sir Pero".

"Poli Park: a world far beyond reality. Not so much, unfortunately."

Hellis: Human version currently in production...


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